2022 Retreat

18th Annual Brave Voice: May 12-17, 2024

Flint Hills of Kansas

Please join us for our annual 6-day retreat to dive into writing, singing, and songwriting, and surface with new work, collaborative creations, a community that supports your artistic development, and a renewed vision of your life. 

Register here (early bird deadline: 10/31/23)

The Place: White Memorial Camp is in the center of the Flint Hills, a national treasure of great beauty and peace. Surrounded by breathtaking views of Council Grove Lake and the Flint Hills, the camp is located where, for thousands of years, Native American tribes of the Plains met together in council. 

Accommodations & Meals: Our group will be housed in cabins, some with lake views. Participants share L-shaped rooms. Healthy and hearty meals (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options) feature delicious, largely organic, and very healthy vittles.

Traveling to Brave Voice: White Memorial Camp is approximately 2.5 hours from the Kansas City airport, and 1 hour from the Wichita airport. We will provide shuttle for a small fee from Kansas City International Airport for people flying in by 4 p.m. Sunday, May 14, and flying out after 2 p.m., Fri., May 19. For people driving in, we will share with you people coming from your area for car-pooling.

Who Comes to Brave Voice?

Brave Voice attracts people who create or want to create. All who want to explore their brave voices are welcome, whether you’re just starting out, seeking a new direction, or looking for renewed vision. Our participants are seasoned or new writers of any genre, musicians of all strips and stops, or people ready to see what they have to say to themselves and their communities.

We find that the mix of people sparks ample collaboration and inspiration, and by having everyone engage in writing, songwriting, and group singing, everyone strengthens their voice in their lives. We are an inclusive and magical community that continues long after our time together through a Facebook page and informal gatherings.

Brave Voice participants find new ways to spark alive and further develop their writing — whether poetry, fiction, memoir, mixed genre, songwriters, and more—and/or music. Immersing ourselves in the power of our words written, sung, heard, and read, we find more of what our own brave voice is calling us to do and be in this life. Many books, publications, readings, CDs, performances, collaborations, and ongoing writing and music groups have come out of Brave Voice.