Brave Voices

Brave Voices Abound!

Brave Voice alumni have published books, recorded CDs, won contests, raised funds with their art, and contributed so much to the world. Here are some of our Brave Voices:

Flash Poems, an anthology, is edited by and included the poetry of a bunch of Brave Voices from the Second Sunday Goes Fourth Writing Group: Nancy Hubble, Louie Galloway, Deborah Altus, Iris Craver, Sandy Hazlett, Nancy Hubble, Dixie Lubin,  Kimberli Eddins, Katherine Greene, Joanne C. Hickey, Nancy Hubble, Dixie Lubin, Amy Nixon, Gail Curtis Sloan, and Libeth Tempero.

Olive Sullivan’s created a vibrant video for her song, “I Wanna Live,” which features Brave Voice pals Kathryn Lorenzen, Susan Hancock, and Amy Nixon, and incorporates some of the survival stories of several Brave Voices (including Olive).

Sheree Taylor-Jones’ work includes her book, Turning Your Why Into Why Not? 

Dianna Burrup’s new song, “1,000 Ways,” brings together her music and art in this video. 

Ken Carr, with his band Nine 88, raised substantial funds for the Murphysboro (IL) Knights of Columbus.  

Nancy Hubble’s book and accompanying CD, Dharma Dog, features poetry written at Brave Voice and was recorded at Dianna Burrup’s studio.

Kathryn Lorenzen with Amy Nixon in the background

Kathryn Lorenzen’s music can be found at Broadjam among other places. She also co-writes songs with Amy Nixon.

Janet Emmons’ album “The Other Side” features some of her new music.

Ruth Farmer’s writing and editing services site also hosts her blog.

Joy Zimmerman performs widely in the Midwest.

Natalie Lassman is preparing to release her debut album

Sandy Hazlett’s poetry book, The Prom Dress Room, raises funds for the Social Service League in Lawrence, KS.

Susan Hancock, part of the Brave Voice staff, is performing jazz around Lawrence and Kansas City. 

Ardys Ramberg’s art and music can be found here

Rick Frydman, Lisa Harris, and George Thompson

Rick Frydman and Lisa Harris won the Walnut Valley Festival songwriting contest with Rick’s song, “So Long, Facebook.” Amy Nixon, with Dianna Burrup and Sue-Ann Seel, also won in the songwriting contest based on a Brave Voice collaboration.

George Thompson’s blog features his latest writing, including work inspired by Brave Voice.

Jennifer Johnson’s first book is Grow Your Own Best Life: It’s An Inside Job.

Lisa Moritz’s CDs include Dream of Blue. See her CDs here.

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore performs jazz and other music in the Kansas City area. See this article about how her Lupus diagnosis didn’t stop her.

Louie Galloway’s debut book of poetry, Tappings, includes poems she worked on at Brave Voice.

Lana Haas’ shares her music widely in the Lawrence and Kansas City area.

Teresa Hernandez

Teresa Hernandez performs her cello in and beyond central Kansas.

Joyce Allensen keeps things shaking as the lead vocalist with The Soul Shakers in British Columbia.

Judy Coder performs her music widely as half of the duo, Notable Exceptions.

Barbara McAfee performs, gives keynotes, and teaches music widely in Minnesota and around the country..

What Our Brave Voices Say

“I love coming to Brave Voice. I meet extraordinary, open-hearted people. It allows me to explore and develop my writing and performance skills. The evening performances by Caryn and Kelley alone would make it worthwhile. And each year, I take an unexpected new habit home. It’s been life-changing.” — Kat Greene, poet and writer, retired law librarian, Lawrence, KS

“Brave Voice was an amazing opportunity to examine myself and learn from others.” — C.D. Ybarra, nurse, writer, researcher, Lincoln, NE

“Brave Voice is a magical week of creativity and friendship in a peaceful (yet stimulating!) setting. Although we are all called here for separate reasons, we are one in spirit — intimate strangers.” — Lorel Lewis, trophy grandma and soon-to-be bloggist, Lawrence, KS

“Brave Voice creates a fertile, nurturing, and inspiring community where everyone — experiences or new — can grow and bloom. Kelley and Caryn are brilliant teachers, inspiring artists, and wise facilitators (a rare blend).” — Barbara McAfee, voice coach, singer-songwriter, speaker, and author, Minneapolis

“Brave Voice is a fantastic way to expand your writing skills. Caryn and Kelley are nurturing workshop leaders who know how to bring out creativity in others.” — Rosie Best-Cutrer, storyteller, Topeka, KS

“This exceeded my expectations! I am left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to Caryn and Kelley for their willingness to share their many gifts. I gained as much from my fellow participants as well.” — Pete Ferrell, musician, rancher, businessman, KS

“Well-organized, sensitive leadership, and a wonderfully diverse collection of participants.” — Louie Galloway, poet, retired Professor, Massachusetts College of Art

“This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a really long time. I’d love to come back and re-“treat” myself again. Kelley and Caryn provide insight into one’s heart and soul, and I’ve made some new friends that I expect to be life-long friends. What a breath of fresh air! I’m back in the saddle again!” — Mo Howe, blues harmonica player and musician, Iowa City, Iowa

“The workshop was an opening of soul. I laughed, I cried and I grew beyond my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Leanna Lunsford, mother, dancer, writer, singer, designer, painter, sculptor and educator, California

“This retreat allows me to express myself creatively in one of the most nurturing, beautiful and non-threatening environments I’ve ever been in.” — Karen Seibel, yoga instructor/RN, writer, Lawrence, KS